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The Pokemon game fans had started to think that this game will not offer anything special in the future, but Nintendo and Game Freak have again surprised gamers by introducing HeartGold and SoulSilver. We have both these games available for download for you.

This game is the enhanced remake of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver, which were released in 1999. It includes some amazing features of Pokemon crystal to provide more entertainment. Yes, it is another installment of Pokemon game series’ role-playing video games. Game Freak has developed it and publisher Nintendo has distributed it.

Japanese gamers had got this game very first during 2009 and later it was released in the USA, Europe and Australia during 2010.

HG Review

The video games of this age are quite different from the video games we used to play during the late 20th century. Now you can buy high-tech video game consoles to play high-graphic video games and go online to compete with others.

Nintendo is producing Pokemon games since 1996. It is one of the largest video game producing firms across the world and it has introduced many games till the date. HeartGold is the remake of Pokemon Gold, which was launched by Nintendo during 1999. Of course, it’s designed to meet the demands of new gamers who want more excitement and more adventures. It has become one of the largest sold games by Nintendo DS.

SS Review

If you consider Pokemon Go the reason of Pokemon’s fame across the world, then you have no knowledge about the history of Pokemon. It is Nintendo and Game Freak, which had established The Pokemon Company back in 1998 to manage the Pokemon stores and development of Pokemon games.

This company has developed and released a number of Pokemon games all around the world. In addition, The Pokemon Company has also produced many Pokemon movies and shows to make this creature popular across the world. The Pokemon HH and SS are two identical games designed by the Game Freak and published by Nintendo.

This review will describe the features and other specs related to SS.



The Pokemon Soul Silver is a third-person role-playing video game. Things are not quite different, as the Pokemon Soul Silver and its predecessors have the same basic mechanics. This game offers only three screens, one for menu, one for battle and one for navigating the main character in the game.

This game offers only one Pokemon in the starting, but you can acquire more by meeting the quests or by using the Poke Balls feature. You can also grab the Pokemons by doing battle with other trainers.

There are many Pokemon trainers in this game and you also operate a trainer. Professor Elm will provide you with a new Pokemon and Pokedex. Your job is to fill that Pokedex with Pokemons.



The Pokemon Heartgold is a role-playing video game. It includes a lot of adventure and players like to play it time and again. Describing the difference between the old versions of Heartgold would be a tough task.

There will be three basic screens in the game. There will be a screen for the map, another screen for the battle and the third screen for the menu. You can locate the location of the players, get involved in a battle with other Pokemon trainers and configure the game according to your requirements.

You get only one Pokemon in the beginning, but you can grab many others by using the Poke Balls. The Pokemon will also fight with other Pokemon s in Johto to win and gain more features.


Of course, Game Freak and Nintendo DS didn’t stop developing and releasing games by introducing Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Pokemon has got millions of fans and all of them eagerly wait for new installments of this game. Pokemon Soul Silver is worth replaying because of its features and in-game quests. You may get addicted to playing this game. You would like to complete the Pokedex catalog as soon as possible and that will draw your attention towards many other games released by The Pokemon Company. All in all, this game lures you for spending more time by training the Pokemon.

The Pokemon was not able to follow the player in the Pokemon Gold.The ROM allows the Pokemon to follow the path of player. The protagonist can also talk to the Pokemon and ask how it is feeling. The player can also ask the Pokémon to pick some special items. The Pokemon can compete in various events and win the prices for the protagonist. Pokemon Heartgold offers plenty of new features, which Pokemon Gold does not provide.

The graphics of Pokemon Soul Silver are simply better than its predecessors. Whether you choose Chkorita or any other Pokemon, it will be visible running behind you. It will be identical and the battle graphics will improve its appearance according to the situation. You can easily identify the winds, New Bark Town and other elements of the game, thanks to high-quality graphics.

Of course, Pokémon Heartgold has much improved graphics in comparison to Pokémon Gold. It was released during 2009 and Game Freak has effectively added new graphics to improve quality. As a player, you can control the sounds. This game plays various different sounds according to the situation. These sounds take entertainment to the next level.

The new Pokemon video game players may not find a major difference between Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Heart Gold. Both games will appear similar, but there is a major aspect of the game that makes both of them different games.

Pokemon Soul Silver doesn’t offer the same Pokemons as Pokemon HeartGold. Game Freak has introduced different Pokemons in both games. It seems like a strategy of drawing the attention of players towards both games at the same time. It is really difficult to choose the best, when you compare Pokemon Soul Silver VS HeartGold.

Using An Emulator To Play Pokemon On Any Device

There are two very important things you need to play Pokemon HeartGold & Pokemon SoulSilver on your portable devices. An Emulator and a ROM.

An emulator is actually a game system. Whenever you want to play Nintendo DS games on other portable devices, you will have to search for an emulator. You can go online and search for the best emulator for Nintendo DS. You’ll find many websites and reviews.

Please make sure  you choose an emulator, which is built specially for Nintendo DS. Many of them offer custom save feature and work quickly to play the game faster. You can choose any required location to save the files and you can save multiple files together by using the emulator.

For Desktop computers, we recommend the Citra Emulator that you can download for free.

For Andriod devices, we recommend the AseDS Emulator that’s also free. Here, you can find a list of the latest upcoming budget Android phones.

The ROM is the actual game itself. You can download the Heart Gold and Soul Silver files for FREE by clicking the download buttons above.

What is a video game console emulator?

The video game console emulator may be a new term for many people. It is a type of emulator that helps you in running the video games (designed to run on specific video game consoles) on other computing devices like computer, smartphone and tabs. Your device becomes an emulating platform for that particular game and it runs the game as effectively as the original video game console.

In some cases, the video game console emulators exceed the limitations of the original video game consoles. These programs offer better controls, clearer quality of the game, greater performance and quick access to the memory modification.

What is ROM?

The ROM is essentially the video game itself. It comes in the form of a computer file that comprises the copied data from the ROM chip of the video game Cartridge. You can say that it is the main file of a video game that you can run on the PC, but it would not be possible without a video game console emulator. You do not need an emulator to run the ROM files of modern video game. You can insert the external storage device in which ROM file exists. Now just copy it to your computer and then run it.

You will require an emulator to run the ROMs you download because this game works only on Nintendo DS or Game Boy Advance. Things will be quite easier, once you have got an emulator tool.

We have evaluated a few good emulators and found three effective video game console emulators.

Pokemon SoulSilver vs Pokemon HeartGold

Many players believe that Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon SoulSilver are two same games. They think right till some extent, but these are two different games.

Of course, both are developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo DS, but there are some features that differentiate these two games.

HeartGold offers many creatures, which you cannot get in SoulSilver like Mankey, Primeap, Growlithe and Omanyte. Soul Silver also offers a different set of Pokemons including Vulpix, Ninetales, Persian, and Meowth.

Heartgold offers you a Rainbow wing for actions and Soul Silver offers a different bow.

All in all, both games have many different features that differentiate them. The in-game town in HeartGold game would be Johto and the in-game town in SoulSilver game would be Kanto.

You should get both of these games to enjoy many hours by playing it. Whenever people compare HeartGold vs SoulSilver, they consider the given points to recognize which one of these two is better. People have played Pokemon games, when there were no high-tech games with high-quality graphics. However, the craze of Pokemon is still as it used to be during 1996.

Millions of people are searching for the Pokemon Heart Gold Download and Pokemon Soul Silver Download because they want this game.


Interesting Facts About Pokemon

Pokemon SoulSilver is improved version of Pokemon Silver. This game was first released in Japan during 2009. It was released exactly ten years after the release of Pokemon Silver.

The publisher released Pokemon Heartgold and SoulSilver together. The improvement of this game had taken place under direction of Shigeki Morimoto. His aim was to develop the remakes of Gold and Silver without hurting the feelings of people, who loved the original Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Pokemon Silver was developed to please both old and new players. Of course, the video game designers have done a great job. This game was developed for Game Boy Advanced and Nintendo DS.

According to the president of Game Freak, development of Pokemon Silver without redoing the old things was a big challenge. He wanted to introduce many new features without compromising the identical features of the original game. Fortunately, developers did it and Pokemon heartGold and Soul Silver were developed, as the designers and producers wanted it to be.

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver were succeeded in gaining the attention of millions of buyers across the world. Still many people want to buy it, but people want it for their PCs and Android or iOS devices. If you are also one of those individuals, you can download the ROM from this site for free and use it with your favourite emulator.

The Plot

The game is set in the Johto and Kanto areas of the in-game universe. You play as a Pokemon trainer, who lives in the New Bark Town. The trainer gets a chance of selecting one Pokemon from Cyndaquil, Chikorita or Totodile. It is Professor Elm, who provides the Pokemon with Pokedex. Your goal would be acquiring sufficient Pokemons to fill the Pokedex. You will meet the demand of this game, once you complete the journey by filling Pokedex. The Pokedex catalog must get completed according to given instructions otherwise you will have to continue playing this game. The protagonist will use Poke Balls to grab other Pokémon s in the game.

You play the game by third person prospective. The game takes place in the Johto town of the in-game universe. There will be a number of creatures, which are called Pokémon s. You play as a young Pokémon trainer, who resides in the Johto town. The trainer will get three choices in Pokémon s: Cyndaquil, Chikorita or Totodile. You will have to choose one of these three Pokémons and Professor Elm will provide it. The journey will start with the delivery of Pokedex and then you can start raising your Pokémon for the next adventure. The aim of protagonist would be completing the Pokémon catalog by acquiring all the required Pokémon s in the Pokedex.

Final Word

Pokemon Soul Silver is a game that has been purchased by many gamers across the world. Thousands of people have bought new Nintendo DS consoles only for playing Pokemon HeartGold and Soul Silver. You can save your bucks and download the Soul Silver ROM from this site. Get the ROM file for this game and run it on the emulator to enjoy uninterrupted gaming.

The Pokémon Heartgold emulator and Pokémon Heartgold ROM have made it easy for you to play the game on any device you want. You may get addicted to playing the Heart Gold and Soul Silver games because this game offers something new.

Get the emulator and ROM now to start playing this game on your PC, Smartphone or Tablet.

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